Your Fear is Your 8th Key to Your Success with Women

fear of an angry woman

The 8th key to any woman's heart is your fear. Only knowing your fear and managing it you will achieve success.

Our fear is the chemical reaction of our organism to the signals that our brain gets from different channels of perception. For example if you see that a car is moving towards you at a high speed, you brain analyzes this information rapidly and gives your body various commands to react in this or that way.

Speaking about girls we can mention several points when our fear comes up front and tries to get the control of our actions.

First type of a situation happens when you see a nice girl and would like to pick her up. At this moment the fear of failure arises and you become to have some doubts. One of the ways to overcome this fear is to develop your sense of self-esteem and self-reliance. I wrote about this here. Even if you get rejected, just relax. There are many reasons for that. Even if you do everything perfectly, there is still a chance that she just has a bad day and you came to pick her up at a wrong time.

Another way is not to overestimate the value of this particular girl to you at this very moment. Yes, she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen, but you should never lose your head because of that. There are more than 3 000 000 000 women in the world. You have a huge choice, mate.

The second type of a situation happens when you date with a girl for some time and after a couple of days or weeks/months. Suddenly you become to be afraid that you can lose her. Then you start trying to satisfy her every need. And guess what happens next?
Yes, you are right. You lose her. Actually you have lost her at the moment when you decided to do what she wanted, in order not to offend her. Girls love guys who respect themselves, remember.

In order to avoid this situation you should use your brain and control your feelings and your actions. The secret is: until you control your fear you are the winner. As soon as you let the situation out of control, you lose yourself and the girl.

I hope this secret key will help you as well as the other keys I told you about. I wish you good luck and keep me informed of your victories. ;)

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