The 3rd part of my Personal Effectiveness conception

Yesterday I conducted the 3rd seminar on my conception of Personal Effectiveness. It was about our intellect, brain and mind processes. We had a small group of people present and they liked the seminar. The seminar itself lasted for two and half hours.

Right at the moment I keep refining my conception. For now I highlight 6 main parts in it. They are:

1. Self-integrity
2. Social communication skills
3. Intellect and mind processes
4. Time management
5. Motivation
6. Charisma and inner magnetism

On Wednesday I'm presenting the 5th part to the group. The main part of the 5th part is taken from Smilijan Mori however I take other different interesting techniques for this part from other sources.

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My first self-integrity seminar

Self-integrity is the first part of my conception of Personal Effectiveness. We got some close friends together yesterday and held a seminar.

Yesterday I conducted my first seminar on my conception of Personal Effectiveness.
It was about the first part of my conception, "Self-Integrity". It lasted for two and half hours. During the seminar I gave the listeners some theory, and then we did some tests and self-development exercises. Also I put the attendants into the state of trance and improved their self-esteem.

Moreover we did some sharing which I think helped a lot. After the seminar everybody thanked me and asked about the other parts of my conception. We decided to continue next Wednesday. This time I'm going to tell them about either Intellect and Mentality Processes or about Social Communication Skills. I haven't made my mind yet.

My wife was also present at the seminar, she is also a psychologist. She has already studied for five years at university and now she is writing her thesis. She is the blonde girl sitting in the corner.

After I have finished refining all the parts of my Personal Effectiveness conception I'm ready to teach it to any person who becomes more effective in life, love or career. Feel free to contact me on Skype if you want to learn more about it. My contact name is slavarybalko. Or you are welcome to follow me on Twtter:

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