Good Foreign Language

good foreign language

Good foreign language knowledge can help you greatly in your life. Learning a foreign language might seem difficult at first. In this article I will give you some tricks and strategies that can help you to speed up the whole process of learning a foreign language.

What good foreign language to choose? And why is it so important to learn a foreign language?

I would recommend learning English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. Having learned these languages you would acquire a great benefit. These 4 languages I consider the more important nowadays.

Let me explain you why you should choose these languages.

According to Wiki, total speakers of the languages I mentioned is:

Chinese: approx. 1.176 billion
Arabic: approx. 280 million native speakers and 250 million non-native speakers
English: 1.8 billion
Russian: more than 278 million

The total number of people who speak these languages is 3.784 billion.
The total population of the world comprises today 6.73 billion humans.
This means that knowing only these 4 languages you would be able to communicate with more than half of the Earth’s population. To say exactly, with more than 56% of all people on Earth.

Knowledge of these foreign languages also gives you access to a huge bulk of knowledge from various world libraries.

All these four languages represent 4 different styles of letters. Russian language uses Cyrillic alphabet, English uses Latin alphabet, Chinese uses logograms and Arabic uses abjad.
If you get acquainted with these 4 types of writing the learning of other languages will become easier for you. Moreover, you will develop your brain and improve the processes of generation of new ideas.

Now here are a few words about the best and quickest ways to master any language:

1) Go to the country where people speak the language you are learning
2) Use Skype to communicate with a native speaker of the language
3) Study the language every day, regularly
4) Use 2-3 best audio books (book + CD)
5) Watch TV programs on this language
6) Learn 1000 the most used words and phrases
7) Use your imagination and visualize the things which names you are learning

And here I carefully selected some good books and courses I recommend you to get if you want to learn these languages:


Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds
Speak Arabic For BeginnersThe Michel Thomas Method (8-CD Beginner's Program)
Your First 100 Words Arabic w/Audio CD
Basic Arabic: Learn to Speak and Understand Arabic with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur)


Your First 100 Words in Chinese w/CD Audio
Chinese Through Tone & Color (Chinese Edition)
Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar (Modern Grammars)
Chinese (Mandarin) I


Speak Russian For BeginnersThe Michel Thomas Method (8-CD Beginner's Program)
Teach Yourself Russian Conversation (3CDs + Guide) (Teach Yourself Conversation Packs)
Russian I, Third Edition (Comprehensive, 30 Lessons)


The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast
Pons Pictorial Dictionary: German-English-French-Spanish

To sum it up, learn a good foreign language and you will get more doors opened in front of you and many new opportunities will become available.

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10 Keys to Any Woman's Heart - Free E-book Download

Yesterday I finished editing my first e-book: "10 Keys to Any Woman's Heart".

This e-book is about communication between men and women. To say more exactly, there are things in this e-book that will help any boy or man get benefit and improve their performance in communication with women. Using the things I describe you will improve your results.

The book is not very big but I put there just the very important things I have learnt in course of my life.

Every thing mentioned in this book had been experienced by myself for many times. I can guarantee you the positive result if you learn what is written there and put it in your own practice.

You can download this e-book for free. Feel free to tell your friends about it. According to a man I respect, Keith Ferrazzi, nowadays we should share what we have with other people.

You can download this e-book here: 10 Keys to Any Woman's Heart or from here.

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Your Fear is Your 8th Key to Your Success with Women

fear of an angry woman

The 8th key to any woman's heart is your fear. Only knowing your fear and managing it you will achieve success.

Our fear is the chemical reaction of our organism to the signals that our brain gets from different channels of perception. For example if you see that a car is moving towards you at a high speed, you brain analyzes this information rapidly and gives your body various commands to react in this or that way.

Speaking about girls we can mention several points when our fear comes up front and tries to get the control of our actions.

First type of a situation happens when you see a nice girl and would like to pick her up. At this moment the fear of failure arises and you become to have some doubts. One of the ways to overcome this fear is to develop your sense of self-esteem and self-reliance. I wrote about this here. Even if you get rejected, just relax. There are many reasons for that. Even if you do everything perfectly, there is still a chance that she just has a bad day and you came to pick her up at a wrong time.

Another way is not to overestimate the value of this particular girl to you at this very moment. Yes, she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen, but you should never lose your head because of that. There are more than 3 000 000 000 women in the world. You have a huge choice, mate.

The second type of a situation happens when you date with a girl for some time and after a couple of days or weeks/months. Suddenly you become to be afraid that you can lose her. Then you start trying to satisfy her every need. And guess what happens next?
Yes, you are right. You lose her. Actually you have lost her at the moment when you decided to do what she wanted, in order not to offend her. Girls love guys who respect themselves, remember.

In order to avoid this situation you should use your brain and control your feelings and your actions. The secret is: until you control your fear you are the winner. As soon as you let the situation out of control, you lose yourself and the girl.

I hope this secret key will help you as well as the other keys I told you about. I wish you good luck and keep me informed of your victories. ;)

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We Can Self-heal From Any Disease Without Doctors


Do you agree that any disease can be completely cured? Why not? We have many examples of people who cured themselves from brain cancer or HIV.

Have you seen the amazing documentary The Secret?The Secret_movieThere are a lot of wonderful life stories told by various people who changed their lives themselves. One of the stories is about Morris E Goodman, or Mr. Success, as they call him. This man survived after his airplane crashed and he himself got severe injuries. His spine was broken, he was totally paralyzed, but he managed not only to survive but to completely recover and become world-famous. He wrote a book The Miracle Man: An Inspiring True Story of Motivation & Courage about how he made it and now he is reading lectures all over the world.The Miracle Man

Can people get healed from AIDS or cancer without any medicine at all, but only with power of their mind? Or with a prayer? There are real examples. In June, 2007 a 40-year-old man from Malawi claimed that he got cured from HIV

And here is a short video about Matthew Manning who also got healed from HIV:

If you search Google you will find a lot of examples like that.

Now what about cancer? Some years ago I saw a Discovery Channel program in which they told a story of one teenager. The doctors diagnosed some form of tumor into his brain which was incurable. But this boy didn’t fall into despair. He liked Star Wars and he started to visualize his brain tumor as the Death Star. He visualized his white blood cells as Rebel X-Wing spaceships attacking this Death Star. In 2 or 3 months his tumor disappeared completely.

Here is another story of a 12-year-old genious boy Akrit Jaswal from India, who heals people:

This is what Akrit says about his research in cancer healing:
"I actually made my discovery when I was eight. I did it by reading books on cancer and getting information from the internet. My cure claims at the modification of malformed genes that cause cancer and their successful repair either by the activation of enzymes or direct modification of genotoxic drugs."

So now the question is – is it possible to modify and repair the malformed genes? The people who overcame their diseases say: "Yes, definitely".

As for me I use this method of meditation when I have a toothache or something like that. All you need to do is just imagine your pain as a dark ball, for example. Visualize beams of light that strike this ball and small pieces of dark that come off from it and disappear forever.
Or imagine that your pain is a ball of light and use your mind to miniaturize it until it becomes a tiny dot. Then take this dot and throw it away from your body into the space.

I hope that these examples of really existing people and their self-healing will help you to overcome your disease.

And here is a good resource for people suffering from brain tumor or cancer that I found:

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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You – Secret 7 of 10

a very beautiful girl

The 7th secret that will help you to stand out among the crowd is actually very tiny. Can you guess what it is? I have already given you a hint in my previous posts.

We have walked together from the first secret to the seventh, and now you may think that you know everything about girls. Maybe you are ready to go out and start picking up girls right now? Don’t rush, take your time.

The seventh secret of making any girl or woman feel comfortably with you is your attention to details. Yes. That’s it.

Why is it so important? Women are different from men. I have already written about this here. Men pay attention to the whole, women pay attention to the parts. They analyze your shoes, your hairstyle, your watch, your clothes, your car and many other things. Doing this in very first seconds she decides whether she will be dating with you or not. Remember that the parts make the whole.

The second most important thing you need to memorize if you want to be effective with women is that you SHOULD pay your attention to any small details about the woman you love and tell her about it from time to time. You’ll get a huge inestimable advantage in comparison to the other guys. Your girl would love to hear compliments from you about her new hairstyle or a new manicure. Pay her a compliment. She will immediately notice you and give you a couple of bonus points.

The most incredible part of this secret is that 99% of men actually do NOT pay attention to any minor changes in their girlfriends’ hairstyle or dress or whatever else. Even if they do, they forget to tell her that they like it. But now you know about this fact. Use it for your benefit.

If you agree with this idea I encourage you to vote for this post or subscribe to my RSS feed. Keep in mind, there are 3 more secrets ahead. ;)

The previous 6 secrets of making a girl you love fall in love with you can be found here.

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The USA will be hit with a nuclear bomb in 2009

A famous sorcerer from Western Ukraine, Alexei Fud is well-known in Eastern Europe. Just today I saw his son Roman Fud on TV. Both, the father and the son are powerful sorcerers who are very famous for their precise predictions. Here is a video on YouTube that I simply couldn't pass by. I have many friends in the USA, people who I love and who helped me. I'm worried about this prediction and I'd like US citizens to take care about what this man is saying.

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Online Tests that Help You to Become More Effective


To become more effective we first need to analyze ourselves. Here is a collection of different online tests that are connected with your Personal Effectiveness. Almost all of these tests take 10-15 minutes to complete. Enjoy!

All the tests open in a new window.

1. How smart are you? (Less than 10 minutes, surprising and funny)

2. Career Analysis (See what career is best for you)

3. Check your flirting IQ (a quick test)

4. PhD-certified Personality Test (15 minutes, 100 pages complete report to your email, costs 9.95$)

5. Are You a Loser or a Winner? (Less than 10 minutes, funny but real, with some charts)

6.Mental Test (This test measures your academic potential)

7. Can you manage your finances? (a great Financial IQ test from MSN)

8. Test your emotional intelligence (EQ) (EQ is considered even a greater predictor of success than IQ)

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The 6th secret of making her love you (women would never want you to know it)

6th secret

Women probably will kill me if I tell you about this. It's their top secret. So open your mind guys and listen up attentively.

OK, guys, now I am going to tell you about the secret that really is not much spoken about. I address to guys only as girls already know it. They use this secret intensively in relations making us fall in love with them like crazy. Few men actually know about it and those who do have a huge benefit from this knowledge.

Again as in my previous post I’m going to draw parallels with animal world (Don’t blame for that I consider doing this necessary). During my university studies I heard about one interesting experiment. This experiment has been made on animals in order to better understand the mechanisms of affection. Animals were divided into 3 groups.
The first group of animals was treated with love. The experimenters were telling them endearing words and treated them very affectionately.
The second group was treated in a rude way. The experimenters were scolding the animals and shouted at them.
The third group of animals was treated with a kind of mixed attitude. The experimenters were showing their love to the animals as well as sometimes were treating the animals rudely.

After the experiment was over the results were surprising. Can you guess, animals from which group got more attached to the experimenters? The answer is: the animals from the third group.

personal effectivenessSame mechanisms are working with people. Women like to show their interest in us for example today, and tomorrow they behave as if they barely know who we are. Then the next day they might show their kind attitude to us once more. Poor men do not know what to do and are lost in their thoughts about what is going on.

So the key to success is: why can’t we use the same trick with them? This is a very powerful technique but it requires a bit of training. Boys and men might consider impolite not to call her for a couple of days. Believe me, this technique works and gives results. If you disappear from her sight for a couple of days or for a week she will start thinking of you and will become missing you a bit. Especially if her last impression of you was positive. Then show up, have a good time together with a bunch of positive impressions. After this do something to show her that she is not that important for you again. Watch out, don’t go to far however. Show up again. Enjoy the results.

Ok now you know a very powerful weapon of how to make any girl fall in love with you. This post is a part of my series “10 keys to any girls heart”.
The 6th secret is maybe the most brilliant and the best-kept secret of all. Combine it with the other secrets I wrote about here and you are going to become a local playboy. If this post was useful to you, feel free to vote for it or credit me with a comment.

10 books that have changed my life forever

Here is a collection of books that I have read and I highly recommend everyone to read them to improve your life quality and effectiveness.

1. Modeling With NLP
This is a great book that changes minds. It is about the connection between the words we speak and our way of world perception. As soon as I have read this book I felt like I’m the God or like I can do just anything I want. This book describes easy but powerful techniques of reframing your mind. For real. I thought I became a magician or something. Anything is possible.

2. The Wheel Of Time: The Shamans Of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death And The Universe
This small book made a great impact on me. It is a collection of the essential ideas of other Carlos Castaneda’s books. I first read it when I was 6000 miles away from home and it changed me forever. It totally put me upside down changing my beliefs about people, our world and the universe.

3. Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai
This book was written by one real samurai from Japan and is a collection of laws that real samurais should follow. The depth and the philosophy of these laws really astonish.

4. Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time
Keith Ferrazzi is a great person who wrote a book about his philosophy of connecting people with one another. He has got a website and a big community of followers. Keith helps people and never refuses to to do it. He wrote a letter of recommendation for me.

5. How to Win Friends & Influence People
This book is about basic principles of communication. Dale Carnegie was an ordinary person who just wanted to overcome his own shyness. As a result he became world famous for his thoughts on how to communicate with other people in a correct way. His books are read by millions of people and I advise everybody to learn these simple things he is writing about.

6. Use Both Sides of Your Brain: New Mind-Mapping Techniques, Third Edition (Plume)
This particular book will mainly be useful for students. Tony Buzen has been exploring the abilities of human brain for more than 30 years. He created a great conception about how to use our brain much more effectively. Read this book, use these techniques and you will be surprised about how your effectiveness and your ability to memorize things is increased.

7. How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed
Since I’ve read this book my attitude to life changed and picking up girls became much more easier. I highly recommend you to read this book in order to know a lot about the opposite sex and become more effective with women.

8. How to Think Like Einstein: Simple Ways to Break the Rules and Discover Your Hidden Genius
Scott Thorpe is a notable man who works for “Sony Innovations”, knows several languages and designs robots. His book is about new original ways of thinking. The book gives totally incredible new ways of how to solve this or that problem. Einstein’s way of thinking is described.

9. The Definitive Book of Body Language
The book of Alan Pease is about non-verbal communication. It is well-known that more than 80% of information in course of a communication process is conveyed without words but with our posture and gestures and the tone of the voice. Having read this book you will learn how to communicate and read people much more effectively.

10. Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
Robert Kiyosaki was an ordinary man who became rich by his own efforts. In his series of books he thoroughly describes models of thinking of a rich man and a poor one, as well as gives advice on how to become rich by changing your model of thinking. You will learn his conception of cashflow and other extremely useful things.

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You Don't Need Money To Make Her Fall in Love with You

You don't need money to make The Girl of Your Dream Fall in Love With You

Is money really important for getting what you want? Find out how to get The Girl of Your Dream without money.

Yesterday I posted an article revealing the 4th principle of making success with the opposite sex. To my surprise, there were a few comments on the post stating that the only key to a Girl of Your Dream’s heart is money, money and money once again. To tell you the truth, having read these comments I had a mixture of feelings. At one point people who were claiming that – were right. The striving for money and material benefits is genetically in women’s nature. However I would like to shake these men’s convictions. In the course of my life I came to an opinion that money is not that important and let me explain you how to get what you want without it.

First of all we need to understand what money is and what is its purpose. Money is a universal medium of exchange. According to Wikipedia: “Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts.” (Pay attention that I stressed the word ”anything”).

The more money anybody has – the more he or she can afford. We can actually buy almost anything, except immortality and the sincerity of other people’s feelings. In my previous post there was a parallel between people and animals (sorry for that but there are some things that we need to take into account). In animal world a female mostly chooses that he-male which is the strongest, the healthiest or the smartest (as for example cuttlefish). Following this rule the female is guaranteed to have the best pattern of genes passed to her posterity.

The same thing happens to people. We choose our partner according to the same principles. More money means more possibilities for our children and better chances for them to survive.

Ok, now that we know this principle how can we use it to achieve our goals? To get what you want you should be different from those other males who want to get The Girl of Your Dream too. And now recollect what Wiki tells us about the money (at the beginning of this post). The second thing is you need to offer her anything that would substitute money. If money is the key to her door, and you do not have this key, then you need to fit a lock-pick.

What can be a substitution for money and guarantee The Girl of Your Dream that if she chooses you this would be the right choice for her and for her children?

And the answer is ...simple. It’s your non-verbal promise that her needs will be satisfied. You need to show through your actions that you are the only man with whom she would feel comfortable. That your kids will have their best chances in life, survive, and their life will be prosperous. Substitute money with your regular attention to her and her interests, give her small presents, showing her that she is important to you. But remember about the dangers which I wrote about here.

These article would look incomplete without an example. And of course a good illustration of this theory is my own story. I met my first girlfriend when I was 17 and I married The Girl of My Dream when I was 27. I don’t have a house of my own, or a solid bank account, but my wife is beautiful and we love each other. It took me ten years of many defeats and learning in order to finally reach my goal. I have learnt valuable things about life and relations between men and women and now I share this knowledge with you.

To learn more about how to improve your situation with the opposite sex I advice you to read my series of posts 10 Secrets of How to Make The Girl of Your Dream Fall in Love with You. I also encourage you to share your own life situations in the comments.

Sense of humor - is the 4th secret to any girl's heart

sense of humor

Sense of humor and your smile is the 4th secret that will help you to capture anybody's heart in a matter of seconds.

Sense of humor is an ability to produce jokes or create some funny situations and make another person laugh and feel comfortable, as well as to react adequately to other people's jokes.

When we joke we put another person into a relaxed and comfortable state so it becomes easier to establish a contact (or as psychologists say "a rapport") with him or her. According to a research, women prefer men who have a good sense of humor. Women put this ability at the top of the list of qualities the man of their dream must have.

Now what concerns a smile. It's up to you whether to believe me or not, but smile is a very powerful weapon which is always at our disposal, although few of us really realize this. Scientist have discovered that smile comes from ancient times and originates in the animal world. Remember a situation when 2 he-males fight for a female. They show bared teeth to each other as if telling:"Watch out, I can bite you. I am more superior than you are!". Same thing occurs when we smile. When we smile we show our opponent that we don't afraid of him/her and that we are dominating. Keep in mind the importance of the condition of your teeth (I wrote about it here:Make her fall in love with you - Secret 3 of 10). During a smile about 30 of your face muscles stretch and relax.

I also need to mention here the importance of the sincerity of your smile. Whether your smile sincere or not it can be distinguished easily by the way of how you do it.
During a insincere smile only the muscles around your mouth work. However when it is really sincere the muscles around your eyes work as well.

Smile more and I guarantee that not only your life will improve but your chances to attract a person of another sex will rise significantly. And don't forget about your sense of humor. =)
You can read my next post breaking the myth about the importance of money in love here.

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World Crisis? Got Fired? Don’t Be a Loser, Use This Opportunity

you got fired

You got fired because of the recession? Do you feel like a loser? I don’t. I know what to do if you want to be a winner and I’m going to tell you what to do right now.

First of all let’s answer a question what do you do at your work. Most people don’t even think about it. Our life goes round from one weekend to another. We have to wake up early in the morning, drink our coffee and rush to our offices or plants in order to check the card in time and not to make our boss pissed off.

I know what it’s like. When I was a machine tool operator at General Electric in NC and worked in night shifts I used to talk with my co-workers and I clearly remember my feelings. All that was just about waiting till that another one shift was over and till the next weekend came. But then it was repeating again an again. Thanks to my boss Bill Case, who was different from my other bosses, and made a lot for me by helping and keeping me up.

I remember my other boss in Belarus, when I was a school teacher. My boss was an old man who used to call every teacher into a big classroom every week and started to tear every teacher to pieces one by one in front of the others. I remember when a 45-year-old woman teacher of history who was sitting in front of me got a heart attack after such lecture concerning the quality of her work.

We go to work in order to keep ourselves and our families alive. Unless we realize that we are working not for ourselves but for our bosses, we are the slaves of our work.

Break this circle. Change your attitude to yourself. You are a human being. You have your wishes and dreams. To be successful you have to do what you like to do and believe in what you are doing. You have to break the handcuffs of your fear and laziness and enjoy the fruit of freedom of self-expression.

Sometimes it may take you some time till you get the results, but please, for your freedom’s sake do not give up and continue to follow the path of your destination in life.

Ask yourself a question – What am I good for? What unique skills do I have? What can I do that other people can’t? What would I like to do in life? Can I become a professional in the field that I like? The answers to these questions is your key to success.

If you have any questions or need an advice feel free to contact with me via email: or via Skype: slavarybalko. I am a certified psychologist and I would gladly consult you on your personal situation for free.

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How to Make a Girl (or a Guy) Fall In Love With You - Secret 3 of 10


The 3rd secret principle of making a girl (or a guy) fall in love with you is your appearance.

In order to attract a woman (or a man) and make her for in love with you you need to be attractive or to become attractive. Even if you are not Brad Pitt or Ashton Catcher you can still make the most out of your appearance following the following simple advice which I’m going to give to you.

Men pay attention to the whole figure at first then switch to the details. Women pay attention to the details first.

Here are the things that women pay attention to in men:
Clean shoes, clean washed hair, good teeth and fresh breathing, well-cut nails.

Things that men pay attention to in women:
Face, legs, breast. Then other smaller details, like clothes or haircut.

The first impression is a very dangerous thing. It is formed in some 30 seconds after you meet a new person. During this period you believe your senses and your brain makes a decision whether you would like to date this person or not. Your eyes get about 90% of all the information form the environment. Your ears hear and analyze the pitch of the voice and the manner of speaking. Your nose detects the kind of odour that comes from the person. Your mind works better than any known computer analyzing the information about the person and associating it with the permanent data stored in your brain from your previous life experience.

The key rule here is: you have to keep the balance and not to go too far.
Buy yourself a good cologne. Azzaro Chrome or Fahrenheitcologne works well for me but I don’t know about you – every cologne is individual. Put a very little amount of the cologne onto the inner sides of your wrists and onto your throat (the places where veins are, the waves of odour will spread with pulse).

Buy some good clothes during sales periods. In any case your closes may not be expensive but it must look tidy.

Pay an extreme attention to your posture and your gestures. They are of great importance. Your posture can describe you either as a winner or as a loser. Your gestures convey and express your inner state – your task is to convey your self-esteem and your self-confidence. That’s why you need to learn how to use correct gestures. Notice, what gestures politicians use in TV shows. Read some good books on gestures, I recommend these books: The Definitive Book of Body Languageand What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People.

Ok, so now you have learnt the third secret of mine of how to make the other person fall in love with you. 7 more to go. Please, share your thoughts in comments.

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|Kimberly Kardashian

Kimberly Kardashian

Kimberly Kardashian

teaches us a lesson of how to become a successful woman

Kimberly Kardashian the daughter of Robert Kardashian, OJ's attorney teaches us an example of how to become a well-known person.
As well as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson do. They all give us a sure-shot solution - in order to be effective in life and have all the doors opened in front of you all you have to do is just shoot a sex video, put it in the internet and make some buzz around it. The PR specialists do their job, popularizing the person, implementing the idea of viral marketing. But the sparkle again is this sex tape. At first glance it seems like nowadays this way of popularizing yourself has become a very popular means of self-promotion. But is it really so?

According to Wikipedia, Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born October 21, 1980 in a family of Robert Kardashian and Kris Jennerand. Later her parents divorced. She has Armenian, Scottish and Dutch roots and a sexy appearance. Her Zodiac sign is Libra which means that she is has a sharp analytical mind and the ability to be very active and stay calm at the same time. She has already taken part in 5 TV series and now she is working on her new one - Keeping Up with the Kardashians that starts on 8th March, 2009. Also she is a creative and successful enterpreneur who runs her own online store.

Kim's love affairs are not as good as her business. After four years of marriage, she got divorced her husband a music producer Damon Thomas, when she was 24. Then they say she had a lot of men and a famous boyfriend, R&B singer Ray J with whom she shoot that sex video tape that made you even more popular. These relations didn't last long. Later in 2007, paparazzis saw her with an NFL star Reggie Bush whom she began dating.

So can anybody explain what is Kimberly Kardashian's secret of beeng successful?

She is a beautiful girl who skillfully operates the laws of her own success. According to the idea that I keep to, everything in the world goes up and down regularly. There is a proverb: "What goes up must go down". Take Forex charts or a
movie star's popularity - it doesn't matter. The same remains true with Kimberly Kardashian. Her key to success is to track the moment when she is at the bottom of this life cycle and make some some loud extraordinary thing so everybody would talk about her. The sex-tape revealed in 2007 was just one of the ideas to rise her popularity.

Another her good strategy is to be literally unstoppable. She never stops and continues to go forward even if she fails. This year, among other things, she is producing a perfume line of her own.

You can find out more about Kimberly Kardashian at her own web site Kim Kardashian's official website.

Please express your opinions concerning Kim's success in the comments section.

How to Make a Girl (or a Guy) Fall in Love With You - Secret 2/10

How to Make a Girl (or a Guy) Fall in Love With You

The second secret of making a girl or a guy love you is connected with the word "self".

Self-esteem and self-reliance are the keys to your success with the opposite sex. You don't need to be afraid that you will get rejected. There are a lot of people in the world, it's literally (and might be a little rude)to say: "you always have somebody to choose from". This is the big mistake a lot of young people make when they fall in love with somebody.

Here is an example. Let's imagine that you stand in a street and would like to catch a taxi to get you to your destination point. An old car stops with a strange looking driver who wants to give you a ride. Would you agree (keeping in mind than in a minute a two a much more better car will stop with a handsome driver)? The same thing happens to us in life. We are often ready to grab what looks the best at a first glance, because of our fear that nothing better is waiting for us ahead.

Why did I tell you that example? Because I want you to understand that you are not alone, the world is full of opportunities waiting for you and all you have to do is to reach your hand and take them. Here should be the roots of your self-reliance. You should know "how much your price is" and never put it down.

Seeing this people will respect you more. You set the boundaries - what is allowed to this person in his/her actions concerning you and what is not. This is also a quality of good leaders. One of the roots of love is attitude.

However keep in mind that you have to keep the balance of the level of your self-esteem. If you exaggerate your efforts people will turn away from you. Be natural. Know your rights and don't let a girl or a guy feel that he or she is somehow superior than you are. This is your life, you are the master of it, and only you are responsible for the decisions you take.

So the second important principle of making a person love you is the attitude which is formed from your own attitude to yourself.

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