Water Filters As a Remedy From Bad Quality of Life

Nowadays, we are experiencing a decline in quality of drinking water all over the globe. Some people believe that this is connected with the global climate changes and the activity of industrial enterprises. Today, we more than whenever else should concern about the future of our planet and the impact of our actions on the ecology.

There is another major thing that every human being should think of if they want to leave a healthy life. This thing is the quality of water we consume on the daily basis. It is a proven fact that water constitutes approximately 80% of a human body. In other words, water is the both the fuel and the building material of our organisms. So, we should be very careful with the quality of the products we eat and drink.

Really pure water is really hard to find these days. It is in fact admixtures that give water its unrepeatable taste. However, there exist impurities that should not get inside our bodies with water. Such impurities can cause lots of diseases.
So, what is the solution of this problem? Today, there exist a range of devices dedicated to preventing the impurities in water from getting inside our bodies. These special devices are called water filters.

Water filters can be of different types and brands. When at a local store you may notice that there is a vast range of brands to choose from at various prices. What concerns my family, we prefer Brita pitcher-like water filter because of its simplicity and price. Of course there are other good brands, like Pur, for example.

If you ever want to get yourself a good water filter at a very low cost, then I would recommend looking at FiltersFast. This is a North Carolina company, which sells all kinds of filters, refrigerator water filters, ac filters, pool and spa filters. On their website there is a virtual assistant who can help you to make a good choice. Their prices on some products are even lower than at Amazon!

So, now you know a simple way to stay healthy till you are very old. Do not forget about other things that lead to a healthy mind and body. Eat organic food, practice regular physical exercises and never stop learning!

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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Mind

Simplify Your Actions

1. Start everyday with your most important task, leaving other ones undone
2. Do what you said you will do first
3. Say no when you are already committed and asked to take on more
4. Ask others for help whenever you need it
5. Finish things completely, don’t leave it only to have to come back again and again
6. Pick one thing at a time to do and focus on it
7. Make the most time for your passions and purposeful work
8. Leave spare time for yourself unscheduled and uncommitted
9. Prioritize your todo list
10. Keep one todo list and keep it short (only the most important things should be on it at any time)
11. Take time to be in solitude
12. Take time to pray and meditate
13. Make wasteful actions (like TVwatching or pointless internet surfing) more difficult to do to help avoid them.
14. Find and eliminate other wasteful actions in your life
15. Develop habits and daily routines to practise important actions
16. Read every single day
17. Plan your week and all major tasks for that week
18. Review your accomplishments each week
19. Be grateful for what you have, what you can do, and for everything in your life
20. Turn off your cell phone
21. Turn off all notifications on your computer from IM, email or other popups
22. Eat simple meals and don’t cook things that don’t need to be cooked
23. Eat less, which lets you also prepare less and cleanup less and store less
24. Automate any bills, payments, and money transactions that you can
25. Ignore distractions from media
26. Commute by bicycle or public transit instead of the busy freeway
27. Use commuting time wisely by reading or listening to books
28. Consider a career or job change to reduce stress
29. Find and maintain routines for day to day things

Simplify Your Stuff

30. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear or have worn in 6 months
31. Sell or give away household items you rarely / never use
32. Eliminate 2 things for every one new thing you acquire
33. Lend things out to friends often and don’t ask for it back if you don’t need it
34. Buy less stuff by only buying basic needs
35. Move to a smaller house or living space and get rid of all extra stuff
36. Give away books when you are done with them and let someone else enjoy them
37. Give up some electronic gadgets and do without them
38. Engage in simple hobbies that don’t require a lot of stuff (music, art, perhaps writing?)
39. De-clutter your living space and don’t keep any trinkets or excessive decorations
40. Consider going more green since this requires reducing things that consume power / energy
41. Get rid of your televisions or at least reduce the time you spend watching
42. Get rid of other media distractions in your life
43. Put a sign on your door/mailbox asking not to receive any flyers or unsolicited mail
44. Don’t carry all your credit or debit cards, just a small amount of cash for emergency
45. Downsize your vehicles or sell one
46. Clear out all clutter and extra stuff from your vehicle
47. Spend a weekend and pretend you are going to move, then clean out and get rid of everything you don’t need
48. Have a place for everything and keep it organized in place
49. Label, simplify and organize your file systems (both physical and electronic)
50. Consolidate your email accounts, bank accounts, RSS feeds and others
51. Recycle and reuse as much as possible
52. Give to those who have less than you
53. Volunteer your time for service to others
54. Keep a vegetable garden
55. Grow some plants and flowers
56. Enjoy nature’s company

Simplify Your Relationships

57. Be honest with others (it will help avoid complex issues and conflict)
58. Treat everyone with respect, not just your close friends or relationship
59. Treat everyone fairly, don’t complicate things with favoritism
60. Trust others without them having to earn it first
61. Accept people for who they are and don’t expect them to change
62. Compare yourself only to yourself from the past, no one else
63. Learn to say, “No”
64. Ask your friends and family for things they are looking for, and give them any items you can do without that you have
65. Keep all your contacts and address book items in one place
66. Involve your whole family with simplifying your life
67. Tell your friends about what you want to achieve by simplifying
68. Pick some of the actions above and do them with a friend
69. Focus on activities for doing things instead of buying
70. Spend less time with the “negatrons” around you and more time with positive people
71. Apologize quickly for any hurtful actions
72. Spend time in private with a significant other each week
73. Go for walks and have time to just talk with your friends and family (you don’t always need to be doing anything)
74. Make a gift for someone else instead of buying one
75. Write a personal thank you note or letter to a friend
76. Call someone you care for with no reason other than to tell them you were thinking of them and wish them a wonderful day
77. Walk away from all gosip and don’t participate in those conversations
78. Put family meals at home first and don’t let work get in the way
79. Stay completely disconnected from work on weekends and vacations
80. Listen to others and stop talking so much yourself

Simplify your Thoughts

81. Be content with life for health, love and happiness instead of with belongings
82. Keep less goals and plans (focus on just 2 or 3 at a time)
83. Exercise often as this clears the mind and keeps you healthy longer through life
84. Make time to do what you love and to provide relief from stress
85.Make a list of all your simple pleasures in life and pick an item from it to do every day.
86. Evaluate new things by asking “Will this help to simplify my life?”
87. Let go of perfectionism
88. Find what calms you and visualize it to reduce stress
89. Be positive and look for the best in things
90. Be anxious for nothing and live more in the moment
91. Let go of things from the past
92. Face and get over your fears
93. Always look for ways to improve oneself
94. Note and express gratitude
95. Know and stick to your limits for commitments
96. Seek knowledge only to apply it as wisdom
97. Look for and express love to yourself and others
98. Choose to be happy and at peace with yourself
99. All that you express, comes back to you, so think and express what you want for yourself
100. Seek and love God and He will provide, you need not worry about anything else

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Mind

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How Team Building Games Improve Business Effectiveness

team building games
Away days with their team building games have become an annual event for some companies. Other companies do it more regularly, perhaps every few months, in the hope that the company's profits will improve significantly as a result. Often they do, but usually only because the games used in the team building process were the right kind.

There's a lot of confusion about team building event days. Often it is seen as an exercise to boost morale, to help workers bond better, and as a fun day out at the company's expense. It can be all of those things, but if it fails to improve business effectiveness, then it has failed overall.

Games and activities on away days that allow team members to gain an understanding about how other team members think and work in given situations can be the most beneficial in improving business effectiveness. It isn't enough just to be a team member; members have to understand each other and know how to react accordingly.

Being committed and being engaged in the work and understanding how each team member fits in to the overall pattern is also important. Team members have to want to be where they are and they have to understand why they are there. Team building games that can enhance and consolidate this awareness are likely to work best and have the greatest long term effect.

The company away day should be a relaxing time for all concerned. It should be a day, or several days, when team members can let their hair down to some extent. Lower ranking team members can lower their guard a little in the knowledge that the rigidity of office life is distant and not really applicable during the event. Managers and directors can become more "human" and less authoritarian, and all this is a very good thing indeed.

Games that allow this kind of relaxed atmosphere have the effect of allowing team members to see each other in ways that the work place can never do. The true person can be revealed. Strict authoritarians can be seen to have a sense of humour. Timid juniors can be seen to have a valid opinion, and ordinary people can be seen to be extraordinary in a multitude of little ways.

The true value of the games played on company away days then becomes the knowledge gained in understanding between individual team members. This can allow better relationships to be forged in the office or work place environment. The workers may go back to playing their artificial office roles after the team building event is over, but each member will not forget what they learned about the others, and that is where the real value lies.

Business effectiveness can be significantly improved when team building games have a structured programme in place. There should be specific objectives to be achieved, and there should be the opportunity for each team member to reveal the way they think and work, as well as allowing their individual behaviour patterns and attitudes to emerge. This is how team building games can improve business effectiveness.

Caron J Rose
Looking for team building that works and adds value to your business. Try Sandstone.
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Personal Effectiveness: Team Building Games

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