World Crisis? Got Fired? Don’t Be a Loser, Use This Opportunity

you got fired

You got fired because of the recession? Do you feel like a loser? I don’t. I know what to do if you want to be a winner and I’m going to tell you what to do right now.

First of all let’s answer a question what do you do at your work. Most people don’t even think about it. Our life goes round from one weekend to another. We have to wake up early in the morning, drink our coffee and rush to our offices or plants in order to check the card in time and not to make our boss pissed off.

I know what it’s like. When I was a machine tool operator at General Electric in NC and worked in night shifts I used to talk with my co-workers and I clearly remember my feelings. All that was just about waiting till that another one shift was over and till the next weekend came. But then it was repeating again an again. Thanks to my boss Bill Case, who was different from my other bosses, and made a lot for me by helping and keeping me up.

I remember my other boss in Belarus, when I was a school teacher. My boss was an old man who used to call every teacher into a big classroom every week and started to tear every teacher to pieces one by one in front of the others. I remember when a 45-year-old woman teacher of history who was sitting in front of me got a heart attack after such lecture concerning the quality of her work.

We go to work in order to keep ourselves and our families alive. Unless we realize that we are working not for ourselves but for our bosses, we are the slaves of our work.

Break this circle. Change your attitude to yourself. You are a human being. You have your wishes and dreams. To be successful you have to do what you like to do and believe in what you are doing. You have to break the handcuffs of your fear and laziness and enjoy the fruit of freedom of self-expression.

Sometimes it may take you some time till you get the results, but please, for your freedom’s sake do not give up and continue to follow the path of your destination in life.

Ask yourself a question – What am I good for? What unique skills do I have? What can I do that other people can’t? What would I like to do in life? Can I become a professional in the field that I like? The answers to these questions is your key to success.

If you have any questions or need an advice feel free to contact with me via email: or via Skype: slavarybalko. I am a certified psychologist and I would gladly consult you on your personal situation for free.

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