Dear readers of my blog! =)

The holidays are coming and I would like to thank all of you for keeping coming to my page. I wish all of you Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year and I would like to share one of my secrets with you.

Here, in Belarus, when there is 1 minute left till the New Year they show a big clock on TV (the Kremlin in Moscow) and I always have 3 dreams to come true in the upcoming year. Just when the clock counts the last seconds of the year I think about these 3 major wishes and I ask God to help me very firmly.

All my three dreams come true every year. =)

I hope this secret will help you to reach your goals. Just do something for their realisation and beleive in what you doing.

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Who is the top dog of them all??? (A short guide to future leaders)

Have you ever asked yourself a question: "Am I a leader or not?"
What does it actually mean to be a leader?

Leader is formed from the verb "to lead" meaning "to show the way". Therefore, we can interpret it this way - "a leader" is a person who shows other people the way to their goals. Some scientists divide people onto leaders and ... not leaders. =)
Besides there is a point of view that there are only 5-10% of leaders of all people.

Let us find out what makes us leaders and what the benefits of being a leader are.

First of all leaders have a sharp vision of the goal that they want to achieve.
Secondly they are able to persuade the others to follow them.
At last they have certain personal qualities and traits of character that allow them to be the leaders.

The benefits of being a leader are great, you become famous, get the respect, get more money and self-confidence. But as I have mentioned, not many of us become leaders.

Would you like to learn more about leadership? Remember, we learn when we do something ourselves, not just listen. So do a simple thing - explain all 3 points mentioned above yourself and give your opinion.

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You are UNIQUE and you have to realize it

the power of uniqness

Are you really unique? Most of us never think about it. However, this is a very important thing that everybody should pay attention to.

When I was seventeen I went to a health centre near the city of Brest in Belarus. A woman there told me that there was a very good psychologist at health centre who consulted the visitors for free. I decided to pay him a visit just for the sake of interest. When I came into his office I saw a very calm indoor environment. A big man in a pleasant voice was sitting in a leather chair. He offered me to take a seat into a leather sofa. He asked my name and the reason why I came to him. I told him that I didn't have a specifc reason but people had told me about him and I just wanted to have a talk with a good psychology specialist.

He took a pause for maybe one minute, and then he told me simple words that moved me. He asked me if I knew the quantity of people in the world. Then he said that there are 6 billion people and there are not two similar people in the world.

So what is the whole story about?

To tell you the truth, you are unique amongst 6 billion people on the Earth and you have to realize it.

Your knowledge is by no doubt in demand. All you have to do is to advertise yourself in the right place and in a right way. Let people know about your unique identity and your ability to satisfy their needs and to give them what they want.

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IQ, EQ and GQ

EQ, IQ and GQ in action
What kind of intelligence is more important in terms of Personal Effectiveness? Is it high IQ or EQ? Or may be both?

A few years ago one of my friends introduced me to a simple IQ test on a PC at his house. I scored 128 and that friend of mine did less. He was dissapointed as I used the tactic which he didn't know about. While passing the IQ test it is allowed to quick scan the task and if you cannot find the decision rapidly you are able to skip it and turn back to it later. This saves time. My friend didn't know that. That's why he scored less.

Later I learned about EQ. Somebody told me than some researchers pay even more attention to EQ than to IQ, and that EQ is more important for our social life.

A year ago I bought a book by a popular psychology author, Tony Buzan who has created mind mapping technique and introduced a conception of genius quotient (GQ).

According to Tony Buzan there are no less than 12 (!) different types of intelligence or even more. And his

I'm definetely sure that all these quotients influence our effectiveness.
I need to understand how much each of them does.

You can read more about IQ, EQ and GQ on Wikipedia or just ask Google.

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777 tips of effectiveness: Learn how to play poker

Why poker? At first glance, poker is a very simple card game. It takes about one hour to learn the rules of the game. But it takes a person years to master it. When you start playing the game, you understand that it involves psychology and mathematics and the game trains you in these areas. Also, you learn how to be patient and wait for a good chance.

I noticed an interesting thing when I first started playing poker after a couple of weeks. When I talked or interacted with somebody in a certain way, I realized I had the same thought that I acted on as if we were at a poker table playing. I mean that I caught myself on analyzing that person's actions and tried to predict what would be his next step or reaction to my words. I think this skill might also be useful in terms of everybody's effectiveness.

Do not pass by an opportunity to learn how to play poker. =)

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777 tips of effectiveness: Think bigger

Smiljan Mori conducting a busines seminar

Smiljan Mori, a genius motivation trainer from Slovenia conducted a business seminar in Minsk in May, 2008.
My wife and I took part in it. After the seminar we were totally happy for this opportunity. In course of the seminar he gave us a marvellous example about our brain cells. I would like to represent it here for you:
“Imagine that your brain cells are doing nothing at the moment. They drink beer, play cards and smoke. They do it because you do not load them with work. For example you give them a task to earn 1000 dollars. One brain cell comes to her colleagues and says come on guys, we have to think how to earn 1000 dollars! But they reply in a lazy manner – no way we do not want to work for 1000 dollars. And they continue to lounge. But when you put in front of them a task to earn 100 000 dollars or a million – then they would work.”
So the moral of this story is – do not let your brain idle away. Load it with big thoughts even if somebody might consider you are crazy. Do not be like everybody else. Think bigger.

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777 tips of effectiveness: Talk to people who are older than you are and listen to them attentively

Old people know more. Listen to their advices!

Talk to people who are older than you are and listen to them attentively.

I came to this thought myself when I was 24 or so. Suddenly I thought: it is obvious to assume that anyone who is older than you has seen more than you do (not always necessarily but still). Hence he or she has a larger life experience. Be effective – simply go and talk with them about themselves. Ask for their advice. Ask them to tell you about the places they have been to.

The truth is that everybody likes to feel important and many of us like to tell about ourselves. When you ask a person who is older than you are for something his life experience is floating to you. The more life experience you have – the better for your effectiveness.

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10 quick time management tips for everyone

Time Management tips

Here are some short and useful time management tips that would help you to save extra time and thus improve your life effectiveness.

Ok, so:
1) "a two-minute rule" This rule says that if you have to do something and it can be done within 2 minutes - do it immediately, because you'll waste more time if you have to go back to it later.

2) "a seventy-two hour rule" This rule says that if you havjavascript:void(0)e to do something soon and if you don't do it in 72 hours the chances that you ever do it at all are very small. So if if you have to do something try to do it in 72 hours.

3) If you have an appointment at some place with somebody, call him/her in advance before going there and ask if he/she will come for sure. If you don't do it then there is a risk that the person won't come but you will and you will waste some time.

4) All meetings shall last no longer than 1 hour. It's enough to discuss a problem. (After 60 minutes or so people start loosing attention to the topic and become less concentrated)

5) Always have a plan of the meeting. Keep to the points of the plan.

6) Find out the most time consuming activities in your life. Maybe it's TV or Internet.

7) Don't go to a meeting - if you don't have to.

8) Find out your most important goals in your life. Set some minor steps to these goals. Concentrate on these small steps.

9) Use your car audio system to listen to some educational audio programs.

10) Use S.M.A.R.T. goals for every goal in your life ( for example).

I hope that these quick time management tips will help you in your life and career. You can read about some other effective time management tips or follow me on Twitter.

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A brief introduction to my blog

A brief introduction of myself

My name is Viachaslau Rybalka, Slava for short. I’m 28 and married.

I've worked as a machine operator, a dishwasher, a welder, a shop assistant, a courier, a sales manager, a project manager, an oline music PDF magazine publisher, a teacher, and a consultant. Also I have been an underground rap artist who recorded two albums and performed on the stage.

Each of these jobs and occupations added a little to my personal tank of life experience. Some conclusions were made of how to behave with different sorts of people, in different situations.

Even if I have little experience I still can pass it further to people who would like to accept it. Some people who will have read my blog might get some useful things from it and some of them might avoid some mistakes and tricky traps on a road called “life”.

Now, why personal effectiveness?

Personal effectiveness to me is a combination of acquired knowledge, personal qualities and the abilities which help people to lead their lives more effective.

Why should we do that?

Well, let me call myself a humanist. I am strongly concerned that if everyone of us becomes a little bit more effective personally then we all will become more effective as a whole humanity. And this, in turn will definitely speed up the progress of the humanity. This will lead us to prosperity and new levels of attitude to each other and self-consciousness. Nobody can predict the results but I an sure that if at least 10 people learn something useful from my blog my goal will me achieved and the humanity will become at least some 0.0000000001 % better. That’s why I am writing it.

And please remember - I need your help. Only together we can improve our society. Comment my posts and share your opinions and ideas with me and all the other readers. Your opinion is VERY important.

Besides, I'm trying to update this blog very often and I would offer you to make it your home page.

Updated in October 2014:

Today I live in the US and run Athena SEO LLC.
I help local businesses with to get more organic traffic from search engines, using Inbound Marketing methods.

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