The 6th secret of making her love you (women would never want you to know it)

6th secret

Women probably will kill me if I tell you about this. It's their top secret. So open your mind guys and listen up attentively.

OK, guys, now I am going to tell you about the secret that really is not much spoken about. I address to guys only as girls already know it. They use this secret intensively in relations making us fall in love with them like crazy. Few men actually know about it and those who do have a huge benefit from this knowledge.

Again as in my previous post I’m going to draw parallels with animal world (Don’t blame for that I consider doing this necessary). During my university studies I heard about one interesting experiment. This experiment has been made on animals in order to better understand the mechanisms of affection. Animals were divided into 3 groups.
The first group of animals was treated with love. The experimenters were telling them endearing words and treated them very affectionately.
The second group was treated in a rude way. The experimenters were scolding the animals and shouted at them.
The third group of animals was treated with a kind of mixed attitude. The experimenters were showing their love to the animals as well as sometimes were treating the animals rudely.

After the experiment was over the results were surprising. Can you guess, animals from which group got more attached to the experimenters? The answer is: the animals from the third group.

personal effectivenessSame mechanisms are working with people. Women like to show their interest in us for example today, and tomorrow they behave as if they barely know who we are. Then the next day they might show their kind attitude to us once more. Poor men do not know what to do and are lost in their thoughts about what is going on.

So the key to success is: why can’t we use the same trick with them? This is a very powerful technique but it requires a bit of training. Boys and men might consider impolite not to call her for a couple of days. Believe me, this technique works and gives results. If you disappear from her sight for a couple of days or for a week she will start thinking of you and will become missing you a bit. Especially if her last impression of you was positive. Then show up, have a good time together with a bunch of positive impressions. After this do something to show her that she is not that important for you again. Watch out, don’t go to far however. Show up again. Enjoy the results.

Ok now you know a very powerful weapon of how to make any girl fall in love with you. This post is a part of my series “10 keys to any girls heart”.
The 6th secret is maybe the most brilliant and the best-kept secret of all. Combine it with the other secrets I wrote about here and you are going to become a local playboy. If this post was useful to you, feel free to vote for it or credit me with a comment.

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