How Team Building Games Improve Business Effectiveness

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Away days with their team building games have become an annual event for some companies. Other companies do it more regularly, perhaps every few months, in the hope that the company's profits will improve significantly as a result. Often they do, but usually only because the games used in the team building process were the right kind.

There's a lot of confusion about team building event days. Often it is seen as an exercise to boost morale, to help workers bond better, and as a fun day out at the company's expense. It can be all of those things, but if it fails to improve business effectiveness, then it has failed overall.

Games and activities on away days that allow team members to gain an understanding about how other team members think and work in given situations can be the most beneficial in improving business effectiveness. It isn't enough just to be a team member; members have to understand each other and know how to react accordingly.

Being committed and being engaged in the work and understanding how each team member fits in to the overall pattern is also important. Team members have to want to be where they are and they have to understand why they are there. Team building games that can enhance and consolidate this awareness are likely to work best and have the greatest long term effect.

The company away day should be a relaxing time for all concerned. It should be a day, or several days, when team members can let their hair down to some extent. Lower ranking team members can lower their guard a little in the knowledge that the rigidity of office life is distant and not really applicable during the event. Managers and directors can become more "human" and less authoritarian, and all this is a very good thing indeed.

Games that allow this kind of relaxed atmosphere have the effect of allowing team members to see each other in ways that the work place can never do. The true person can be revealed. Strict authoritarians can be seen to have a sense of humour. Timid juniors can be seen to have a valid opinion, and ordinary people can be seen to be extraordinary in a multitude of little ways.

The true value of the games played on company away days then becomes the knowledge gained in understanding between individual team members. This can allow better relationships to be forged in the office or work place environment. The workers may go back to playing their artificial office roles after the team building event is over, but each member will not forget what they learned about the others, and that is where the real value lies.

Business effectiveness can be significantly improved when team building games have a structured programme in place. There should be specific objectives to be achieved, and there should be the opportunity for each team member to reveal the way they think and work, as well as allowing their individual behaviour patterns and attitudes to emerge. This is how team building games can improve business effectiveness.

Caron J Rose
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