How to Make a Girl (or a Guy) Fall In Love With You - Secret 3 of 10


The 3rd secret principle of making a girl (or a guy) fall in love with you is your appearance.

In order to attract a woman (or a man) and make her for in love with you you need to be attractive or to become attractive. Even if you are not Brad Pitt or Ashton Catcher you can still make the most out of your appearance following the following simple advice which I’m going to give to you.

Men pay attention to the whole figure at first then switch to the details. Women pay attention to the details first.

Here are the things that women pay attention to in men:
Clean shoes, clean washed hair, good teeth and fresh breathing, well-cut nails.

Things that men pay attention to in women:
Face, legs, breast. Then other smaller details, like clothes or haircut.

The first impression is a very dangerous thing. It is formed in some 30 seconds after you meet a new person. During this period you believe your senses and your brain makes a decision whether you would like to date this person or not. Your eyes get about 90% of all the information form the environment. Your ears hear and analyze the pitch of the voice and the manner of speaking. Your nose detects the kind of odour that comes from the person. Your mind works better than any known computer analyzing the information about the person and associating it with the permanent data stored in your brain from your previous life experience.

The key rule here is: you have to keep the balance and not to go too far.
Buy yourself a good cologne. Azzaro Chrome or Fahrenheitcologne works well for me but I don’t know about you – every cologne is individual. Put a very little amount of the cologne onto the inner sides of your wrists and onto your throat (the places where veins are, the waves of odour will spread with pulse).

Buy some good clothes during sales periods. In any case your closes may not be expensive but it must look tidy.

Pay an extreme attention to your posture and your gestures. They are of great importance. Your posture can describe you either as a winner or as a loser. Your gestures convey and express your inner state – your task is to convey your self-esteem and your self-confidence. That’s why you need to learn how to use correct gestures. Notice, what gestures politicians use in TV shows. Read some good books on gestures, I recommend these books: The Definitive Book of Body Languageand What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People.

Ok, so now you have learnt the third secret of mine of how to make the other person fall in love with you. 7 more to go. Please, share your thoughts in comments.

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