How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You – Secret 7 of 10

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The 7th secret that will help you to stand out among the crowd is actually very tiny. Can you guess what it is? I have already given you a hint in my previous posts.

We have walked together from the first secret to the seventh, and now you may think that you know everything about girls. Maybe you are ready to go out and start picking up girls right now? Don’t rush, take your time.

The seventh secret of making any girl or woman feel comfortably with you is your attention to details. Yes. That’s it.

Why is it so important? Women are different from men. I have already written about this here. Men pay attention to the whole, women pay attention to the parts. They analyze your shoes, your hairstyle, your watch, your clothes, your car and many other things. Doing this in very first seconds she decides whether she will be dating with you or not. Remember that the parts make the whole.

The second most important thing you need to memorize if you want to be effective with women is that you SHOULD pay your attention to any small details about the woman you love and tell her about it from time to time. You’ll get a huge inestimable advantage in comparison to the other guys. Your girl would love to hear compliments from you about her new hairstyle or a new manicure. Pay her a compliment. She will immediately notice you and give you a couple of bonus points.

The most incredible part of this secret is that 99% of men actually do NOT pay attention to any minor changes in their girlfriends’ hairstyle or dress or whatever else. Even if they do, they forget to tell her that they like it. But now you know about this fact. Use it for your benefit.

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