Sense of humor - is the 4th secret to any girl's heart

sense of humor

Sense of humor and your smile is the 4th secret that will help you to capture anybody's heart in a matter of seconds.

Sense of humor is an ability to produce jokes or create some funny situations and make another person laugh and feel comfortable, as well as to react adequately to other people's jokes.

When we joke we put another person into a relaxed and comfortable state so it becomes easier to establish a contact (or as psychologists say "a rapport") with him or her. According to a research, women prefer men who have a good sense of humor. Women put this ability at the top of the list of qualities the man of their dream must have.

Now what concerns a smile. It's up to you whether to believe me or not, but smile is a very powerful weapon which is always at our disposal, although few of us really realize this. Scientist have discovered that smile comes from ancient times and originates in the animal world. Remember a situation when 2 he-males fight for a female. They show bared teeth to each other as if telling:"Watch out, I can bite you. I am more superior than you are!". Same thing occurs when we smile. When we smile we show our opponent that we don't afraid of him/her and that we are dominating. Keep in mind the importance of the condition of your teeth (I wrote about it here:Make her fall in love with you - Secret 3 of 10). During a smile about 30 of your face muscles stretch and relax.

I also need to mention here the importance of the sincerity of your smile. Whether your smile sincere or not it can be distinguished easily by the way of how you do it.
During a insincere smile only the muscles around your mouth work. However when it is really sincere the muscles around your eyes work as well.

Smile more and I guarantee that not only your life will improve but your chances to attract a person of another sex will rise significantly. And don't forget about your sense of humor. =)
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