We Can Self-heal From Any Disease Without Doctors


Do you agree that any disease can be completely cured? Why not? We have many examples of people who cured themselves from brain cancer or HIV.

Have you seen the amazing documentary The Secret?The Secret_movieThere are a lot of wonderful life stories told by various people who changed their lives themselves. One of the stories is about Morris E Goodman, or Mr. Success, as they call him. This man survived after his airplane crashed and he himself got severe injuries. His spine was broken, he was totally paralyzed, but he managed not only to survive but to completely recover and become world-famous. He wrote a book The Miracle Man: An Inspiring True Story of Motivation & Courage about how he made it and now he is reading lectures all over the world.The Miracle Man

Can people get healed from AIDS or cancer without any medicine at all, but only with power of their mind? Or with a prayer? There are real examples. In June, 2007 a 40-year-old man from Malawi claimed that he got cured from HIV

And here is a short video about Matthew Manning who also got healed from HIV:

If you search Google you will find a lot of examples like that.

Now what about cancer? Some years ago I saw a Discovery Channel program in which they told a story of one teenager. The doctors diagnosed some form of tumor into his brain which was incurable. But this boy didn’t fall into despair. He liked Star Wars and he started to visualize his brain tumor as the Death Star. He visualized his white blood cells as Rebel X-Wing spaceships attacking this Death Star. In 2 or 3 months his tumor disappeared completely.

Here is another story of a 12-year-old genious boy Akrit Jaswal from India, who heals people:

This is what Akrit says about his research in cancer healing:
"I actually made my discovery when I was eight. I did it by reading books on cancer and getting information from the internet. My cure claims at the modification of malformed genes that cause cancer and their successful repair either by the activation of enzymes or direct modification of genotoxic drugs."

So now the question is – is it possible to modify and repair the malformed genes? The people who overcame their diseases say: "Yes, definitely".

As for me I use this method of meditation when I have a toothache or something like that. All you need to do is just imagine your pain as a dark ball, for example. Visualize beams of light that strike this ball and small pieces of dark that come off from it and disappear forever.
Or imagine that your pain is a ball of light and use your mind to miniaturize it until it becomes a tiny dot. Then take this dot and throw it away from your body into the space.

I hope that these examples of really existing people and their self-healing will help you to overcome your disease.

And here is a good resource for people suffering from brain tumor or cancer that I found: http://www.ontopofcancer.org

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