Ten most unfortunate ways to spend time

Ten most unfortunate ways to spend time:

1. Do the same as everyone else.
2. Complain about your life and look for excuses for your miserable situation.
3. Criticize other people, in particular those who are successful and wealthy.
4. Watch TV.
5. Hang on the phone.
6. Do the things that other people want you to do.
7. Feel sorry about the past and worry about the future
8. Buy things that you can not afford.
9. Do the work which you do not know how to do or hate to do.
10. Work on the damn "real" work

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Ten most successful ways to spend your time

Ten most successful ways to spend your time

1. Try yourself in various types of occupation and business.
2. Use books, CDs, and other sources of information to learn something useful.
3. Create intellectual property.
4. Meditate and train.
5. Laugh, play and enjoy life with friends.
6. Do what brings you to your life purpose and brings real success without a "real" work.
7. Enjoy the moment, finding the good in any situation
8. Save and invest money.
9. Do what you love to do and know how to do it.
10. Work on a great "unreal" work

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10 steps of coming out from your Life Crisis

I'm currently working at the plan of my Effective Sales workshop. While scanning through the book by a great salesman Tom Hopkins - Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate.

All of a sudden I found in his book a simple 10 steps strategy of how to overcome the crisis. I think these 10 advice are very important nowadays and Tom wouldn't mind sharing them with you.

Here they are:

1. Become the best professional in your favourite business.

2. Forget the past.

3. Live now.

4. Plan your future rather than worry about it.

5. Do not require the life to be fair.

6. Do not feel guilty.

7. Strive for the highest productivity and accept all the consequences of your

8. Destroy your inertness. Do it now!

9. Develop a sense of humor.

10. Learn to love growth, change and life.

I hope they are useful to you. We can discuss them by Skype (slavarybalko) or you are welcome to leave your comments. As for me I'm at the second step now (I quit the government job and started my own business helping people to become more effective).

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Effective Sales Seminar

Right at the moment I am working at the curriculum of my Effective Sales Seminar. I get information from various sources. The goal is - to compose a seminar which would contain only the most important and the most effective techniques of communication with a customer and the act of sale. After I am ready I will propose this seminar to different organisations and people who are interested in increasing their results.
Feel free to give your comments.

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