Fifty Cent Weight Loss: how to lose weight - foods, meal plans and exercise to lose weight

Fifty Cent Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight - Foods, Meal Plans and Exercise to Lose Weight

* The answer to the question "How can I lose weight" is at the end of this post.

“Help me lose weight!” thousands of people cry every day on the Internet. Some of them look for a personal diet plan, others exercise to lose weight, daily and nightly; the third ones dig deep inside weight loss forums. Recent tremendous Fifty Cent weight loss shocked and inspired many of people who are trying to lose weight at all costs.

The problem of excessive weight has always been an attribute of countries with higher standards of living than the rest of the world. Since the majority of America’s GDP consists of consulting services, people started to walk less and work intellectually more, rather than physically. There is no wonder that so many people in the US and in other rich countries of the world are desperately seeking for ways to lose weight.

Fifty Cent weight loss story

Once massive Fifty Cent lost 54 lbs just because he set himself a goal to fit his new role in the film.

A famous rapper 50 Cent has recently lost 54 lbs of weight because he is getting ready for a role of a cancer patient in the upcoming movie 'Things Fall Apart.' He has tweeted some photos of himself in which he is so skinny that the fans of his talent could hardly recognize him. His weight loss before and after photos are very shocking.

Fifty cent claims that he did that in just 9 weeks, by simply liquid dieting. Also he says, he walked daily for about three hours. Losing so much weight in such a short period of time may be dangerous for organism, but it seems that Fifty is very serious about his new role. We can learn one important lesson from his example. Walking to lose weight is really effective. While running to lose weight is considered to be a more well-known exercise, walking is much more acceptable for the majority of people. Also, I would not recommend anyone to repeat Fifty Cent’s weight loss success at home, as I am sure that he had good doctors and coaches around him during his experiment to assist him during the whole process.

While 50 cents weight loss example may seem effective, liquid diets are mostly used by people with some speсific health issues, rather for the weight loss itself. One big problem with any liquid diet is that once you return to eating your regular meals, your lbs will come back to you.

Diet and weight loss

Doctors have created lots of diets for weight loss and meal plans, although there are some obstacles that do not let people suffering from obesity follow them well. First of all, following a diet to lose weight almost always require a person to have a strong will power in order to keep to the diet they have chosen.

The second obstacle is that there are so many diets to choose from that it is easy to get lost. You can finally find yourself switching from one weight loss diet to another, willing to see the results as soon as possible and finally becoming very frustrated. Do not be. The key is consistency. Do one step at a time and you will certainly see the result.

Whichever weight loss diet you prefer I would recommend to do your best and try to stick to it for some period of time so you could see and estimate the results before and after the weight loss process. Tracking your process will train your will power and it will also encourage you to go on when you see the results of your struggle for your health.

How many calories to lose weight do I need?

As for me I consider counting calories to lose weight to be a boring occupation. If you want to make this task easier you can use a great tool called Calorie Calculator. The creators of this tool say that this "calorie calculator is very useful for weight management as it displays how much calories are required over the specified period of time". In my opinion, even if you use this tool you will still need to count calories you need.

How much weight can I lose in a week?

Well, it depends. Many of us want to lose as much weight a week as they can. In fact, you can lose up to 10 lbs within the first week (the answer how to do that is at the end of this post), although such fast weight loss results may negatively impact your health. It’s always better to do everything gradually, step by step, combining different methods.

The most effective way to lose weight

an example of successful weight loss
Sucessful weight loss: before and after
For every person who would like to have a handy manual and a guideline for effective weight loss and who still keep asking themselves “How can i lose weight fast?”, I would definitely recommend the course many people believe to be very effective. It is The Diet Solution Program by Jeff and Isabel. Make sure to watch their magic video to the end and you will be immediately ready to the fight with your excessive weight. This course is suitable for both men and women and guarantees positive results, of course, If you have really strong desire to improve the quality of your life and get rid of unwanted pounds.


My personal story of weight loss

Although I have never been very plump myself, I have some personal experience of how to drop some kilograms.
When I lived in Moscow in 2005 working towards my MA degree, I had to walk everyday from the hostel to the nearest subway station and come back in the evening using the same route. At the same time I saved money to buy some professional sound recording equipment, so in fact I bought some products just to satisfy my hunger. I did eat at McDonald's and drank soda, and bought some cheap products. As a result my body weight dropped down by about 15 lbs in 3 months

Your comments are welcome. Please share your stories of successful weight loss.

Fifty Cent Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight - Foods, Meal Plans and Exercise to Lose Weight

Fifty Cent Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight - Foods, Meal Plans and Exercise to Lose Weight

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