Online Tests that Help You to Become More Effective


To become more effective we first need to analyze ourselves. Here is a collection of different online tests that are connected with your Personal Effectiveness. Almost all of these tests take 10-15 minutes to complete. Enjoy!

All the tests open in a new window.

1. How smart are you? (Less than 10 minutes, surprising and funny)

2. Career Analysis (See what career is best for you)

3. Check your flirting IQ (a quick test)

4. PhD-certified Personality Test (15 minutes, 100 pages complete report to your email, costs 9.95$)

5. Are You a Loser or a Winner? (Less than 10 minutes, funny but real, with some charts)

6.Mental Test (This test measures your academic potential)

7. Can you manage your finances? (a great Financial IQ test from MSN)

8. Test your emotional intelligence (EQ) (EQ is considered even a greater predictor of success than IQ)

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  1. Jaimie Dobson Says:

    Hi Slava - found your blog through Facebook. There's some good tests in your post - number 8 I found to be entertaining. Catch me on Twitter at or on my own Blog at