How to Make a Girl (or a Guy) Fall In Love With You - Secret 1/10

How to make a girl or a guy love you

How to make a girl (or a guy) love you? Ok guys and gals, the time has come to me to share my knowledge with you concerning personal relations and the legal ways of how to make a person who you love pay attention to you.

I’m 28 years old and I have a beautiful wife now. When I was a teenager as everybody else I was worried about how to make girls love me. I have studied a lot of literature and practiced a lot. Also I had many girlfriends (less than 100 LOL) and I’m going to share my knowledge to you now. I am going to tell you my secrets of attracting people of the opposite sex. What is more interesting – the secrets which I’m going to reveal to you work vise versa too. I mean that a girl can use them to pick up a guy too.

First secret of all is you want to know what you want. Exactly. You need to know what is your primary and main goal and you have to head directly to it.
Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to dart to your goal at this very moment, after you have read this article, without any planning. No. Set certain goals, plan your steps of how to make this girl be yours.

Keep in mind that in some cases you may become disappointed of what you will get as a result of your actions. Also you never know – the result cannot be guaranteed. But there is another additional little secret which I’m going to reveal to you: you have to do your best at this first level. Act as if you have nothing to lose.
You have nothing to lose, really. You cannot lose this girl now because she is not with you. So why should you worry?

Instead of worrying about what will she think if you do this or that just relax. Let these thoughts out of your mind. When you reach the state of mind that you have done everything that has depended on you – go forward at any pace you choose. Act without any doubt and in this case I guarantee that you will get your results.

If you do not know what you want to get then how are you going to get it?

Imagine a ship which sails from New York to Japan for example. What do you think, will the ship reach its destination if the captain doesn’t know what Japan is and where it is? Never. In order not to be like this captain you have to visualize the picture of your goal. Imagine yourself in this setting, like you have already reached it. What does it look like? Imagine the colors, sounds, everything. The better you do this the closer you are to it. Just believe me.

So the first secret of making a girl or a guy love you is know what you want, stay concentrated on your goals and act as if you have nothing to lose.

9 even more interesting secrets are ahead, waiting for you to learn them. Stay tuned. To be continued…

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