Who is the top dog of them all??? (A short guide to future leaders)

Have you ever asked yourself a question: "Am I a leader or not?"
What does it actually mean to be a leader?

Leader is formed from the verb "to lead" meaning "to show the way". Therefore, we can interpret it this way - "a leader" is a person who shows other people the way to their goals. Some scientists divide people onto leaders and ... not leaders. =)
Besides there is a point of view that there are only 5-10% of leaders of all people.

Let us find out what makes us leaders and what the benefits of being a leader are.

First of all leaders have a sharp vision of the goal that they want to achieve.
Secondly they are able to persuade the others to follow them.
At last they have certain personal qualities and traits of character that allow them to be the leaders.

The benefits of being a leader are great, you become famous, get the respect, get more money and self-confidence. But as I have mentioned, not many of us become leaders.

Would you like to learn more about leadership? Remember, we learn when we do something ourselves, not just listen. So do a simple thing - explain all 3 points mentioned above yourself and give your opinion.

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