777 tips of effectiveness: Think bigger

Smiljan Mori conducting a busines seminar

Smiljan Mori, a genius motivation trainer from Slovenia conducted a business seminar in Minsk in May, 2008.
My wife and I took part in it. After the seminar we were totally happy for this opportunity. In course of the seminar he gave us a marvellous example about our brain cells. I would like to represent it here for you:
“Imagine that your brain cells are doing nothing at the moment. They drink beer, play cards and smoke. They do it because you do not load them with work. For example you give them a task to earn 1000 dollars. One brain cell comes to her colleagues and says come on guys, we have to think how to earn 1000 dollars! But they reply in a lazy manner – no way we do not want to work for 1000 dollars. And they continue to lounge. But when you put in front of them a task to earn 100 000 dollars or a million – then they would work.”
So the moral of this story is – do not let your brain idle away. Load it with big thoughts even if somebody might consider you are crazy. Do not be like everybody else. Think bigger.

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    Interesting blog, Slava. I will definitely keep checking this out.

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