IQ, EQ and GQ

EQ, IQ and GQ in action
What kind of intelligence is more important in terms of Personal Effectiveness? Is it high IQ or EQ? Or may be both?

A few years ago one of my friends introduced me to a simple IQ test on a PC at his house. I scored 128 and that friend of mine did less. He was dissapointed as I used the tactic which he didn't know about. While passing the IQ test it is allowed to quick scan the task and if you cannot find the decision rapidly you are able to skip it and turn back to it later. This saves time. My friend didn't know that. That's why he scored less.

Later I learned about EQ. Somebody told me than some researchers pay even more attention to EQ than to IQ, and that EQ is more important for our social life.

A year ago I bought a book by a popular psychology author, Tony Buzan who has created mind mapping technique and introduced a conception of genius quotient (GQ).

According to Tony Buzan there are no less than 12 (!) different types of intelligence or even more. And his

I'm definetely sure that all these quotients influence our effectiveness.
I need to understand how much each of them does.

You can read more about IQ, EQ and GQ on Wikipedia or just ask Google.

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