A brief introduction to my blog

A brief introduction of myself

My name is Viachaslau Rybalka, Slava for short. I’m 28 and married.

I've worked as a machine operator, a dishwasher, a welder, a shop assistant, a courier, a sales manager, a project manager, an oline music PDF magazine publisher, a teacher, and a consultant. Also I have been an underground rap artist who recorded two albums and performed on the stage.

Each of these jobs and occupations added a little to my personal tank of life experience. Some conclusions were made of how to behave with different sorts of people, in different situations.

Even if I have little experience I still can pass it further to people who would like to accept it. Some people who will have read my blog might get some useful things from it and some of them might avoid some mistakes and tricky traps on a road called “life”.

Now, why personal effectiveness?

Personal effectiveness to me is a combination of acquired knowledge, personal qualities and the abilities which help people to lead their lives more effective.

Why should we do that?

Well, let me call myself a humanist. I am strongly concerned that if everyone of us becomes a little bit more effective personally then we all will become more effective as a whole humanity. And this, in turn will definitely speed up the progress of the humanity. This will lead us to prosperity and new levels of attitude to each other and self-consciousness. Nobody can predict the results but I an sure that if at least 10 people learn something useful from my blog my goal will me achieved and the humanity will become at least some 0.0000000001 % better. That’s why I am writing it.

And please remember - I need your help. Only together we can improve our society. Comment my posts and share your opinions and ideas with me and all the other readers. Your opinion is VERY important.

Besides, I'm trying to update this blog very often and I would offer you to make it your home page.

Updated in October 2014:

Today I live in the US and run Athena SEO LLC.
I help local businesses with to get more organic traffic from search engines, using Inbound Marketing methods.

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  1. Joyce Says:

    Bravo to you and your new book. The book itself will beome lessons on personal effectiveness for you.
    Then in turn, these lessons will be passed on to those who read it.
    But, I will say, it's ok to be non effective at times and not so boxed in. Lay down on the ground and watch that carrot grow. There's alot to be learned from that too. Good luck and keep me informed of your progress.