You are UNIQUE and you have to realize it

the power of uniqness

Are you really unique? Most of us never think about it. However, this is a very important thing that everybody should pay attention to.

When I was seventeen I went to a health centre near the city of Brest in Belarus. A woman there told me that there was a very good psychologist at health centre who consulted the visitors for free. I decided to pay him a visit just for the sake of interest. When I came into his office I saw a very calm indoor environment. A big man in a pleasant voice was sitting in a leather chair. He offered me to take a seat into a leather sofa. He asked my name and the reason why I came to him. I told him that I didn't have a specifc reason but people had told me about him and I just wanted to have a talk with a good psychology specialist.

He took a pause for maybe one minute, and then he told me simple words that moved me. He asked me if I knew the quantity of people in the world. Then he said that there are 6 billion people and there are not two similar people in the world.

So what is the whole story about?

To tell you the truth, you are unique amongst 6 billion people on the Earth and you have to realize it.

Your knowledge is by no doubt in demand. All you have to do is to advertise yourself in the right place and in a right way. Let people know about your unique identity and your ability to satisfy their needs and to give them what they want.

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