777 tips of effectiveness: Learn how to play poker

Why poker? At first glance, poker is a very simple card game. It takes about one hour to learn the rules of the game. But it takes a person years to master it. When you start playing the game, you understand that it involves psychology and mathematics and the game trains you in these areas. Also, you learn how to be patient and wait for a good chance.

I noticed an interesting thing when I first started playing poker after a couple of weeks. When I talked or interacted with somebody in a certain way, I realized I had the same thought that I acted on as if we were at a poker table playing. I mean that I caught myself on analyzing that person's actions and tried to predict what would be his next step or reaction to my words. I think this skill might also be useful in terms of everybody's effectiveness.

Do not pass by an opportunity to learn how to play poker. =)

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