777 tips of effectiveness: Talk to people who are older than you are and listen to them attentively

Old people know more. Listen to their advices!

Talk to people who are older than you are and listen to them attentively.

I came to this thought myself when I was 24 or so. Suddenly I thought: it is obvious to assume that anyone who is older than you has seen more than you do (not always necessarily but still). Hence he or she has a larger life experience. Be effective – simply go and talk with them about themselves. Ask for their advice. Ask them to tell you about the places they have been to.

The truth is that everybody likes to feel important and many of us like to tell about ourselves. When you ask a person who is older than you are for something his life experience is floating to you. The more life experience you have – the better for your effectiveness.

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  1. Joyce Says:

    So true, but I must add that age and experience is just one part of the path. My daughter, who has had only 29 years of life experiences gives me good sound advice and most of the time I follow it.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Its true, they possess more life experience from us and we must learn from people past experiences and mistakes.