Keep knocking on the door

How many times have we tried to get the result and finally failed?
The opportunities are all around - just be able to see them.

Two centuries ago nobody knew what the electricity is. Nowadays we still don't know exactly what it is, but we can use it for our needs. And nowadays our life seems impossible without it.

Same thing is with your opportunities. Be flexible. Look for more ways. Explore. Discover. Learn and educate yourself.

The more you learn - the more possibilities you have.

Never let the sceptics to kill your dreams or willingness to further.

Keep knocking on the doors. If 2 doors are locked - the third will be opened. Change the way you are knocking. If 2999 doors will be locked - the 3000th door will be opened to you. I beleive in you and you beleive in yourself.

Never give up. Keep knocking.

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