Life Coach Certification

Life Coach Certification

Life Coach Certification FAQ

What is coaching?

Coaching itself is a process of partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. I would say that coaching is a mutual process, in course of which we teach the client and at the same time learn something from him/her.

What Is a Life Coach Certification?

Life Coach Certification is a a diploma or degree that states that you are certified for life coaching. Nowadays it is issued by a number of organizations.

What organizations can grant you with a Life Coach Certification?

Currently there are several organizations, both profit and non-profit ones that can give you a Life Coach Certification. Some of them are very big companies with lots of branches across the world.

International Coach Federation
The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest worldwide resource for professional coaches, and the source for those who are seeking a coach. They are a non-profit organization formed by individual professionals who practice coaching around the world.

CoachVille is the original global community for Coaches with over 25,000 members in over 70 Countries. This organization was founded in the early 90's by Thomas Leonard.

Other organizations
Some universities that have received ICF accreditation are considered as training schools for life coaches now. Besides, in some countries there are government regulations that impact the industry. For example, in Australia the Government offers a workplace training life coach certification. Some schools like for example The Life Coaching Academy have managed to meet the criteria to become what's called a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), so they can now offer you what is called Certificate IV Certification. They claim that their program is the only one in the world to currently have Government recognition. If you're considering corporate work, check for the equivalent in your country, as it might get you some bonus points.

Do I Need a Life Coach Certification to Start Coaching?

Have you already got some training in a related field? Are you a business trainer, consultant, speaker, counselor, fitness trainer, or financial planner? Maybe, you've been coaching unofficially for all your life? If any of this applies to you, you may not be keen on 2 years of further study - 2 years, which ignores your prior training.
But the truth is that you do not need to be certified to begin coaching. This means that you can begin coaching without certification.

How Can I Get a Life Coach Certification?

In Coachville, they don't even look at any training you do - they simply examine you on your skills. You choose which training you want to do with them, and when you decide you're ready, you just sit the exam.
The ICF, on the other hand, does not recognise any non-specific coaching training. And even specific coaching training must be demonstrated to be “aligned” with the ICF competencies. So this may not be the best course if you're already highly skilled and averse to training from scratch.
These are mostly non-profit organizations that issue life coach certificates. However, no one is the undisputed king of life coach certification yet. This independence is important for the body committed to maintaining the gold standard for certification.
So we have the ICF which doesn't train, and a lot of schools which do train. Some schools have the ICF rubber stamp so you can get both the school's certification and the ICF's certification (their course is called an ACTP). Some schools don't have the stamp but are close enough that you can still submit your training to the ICF at the end (called the Portfolio track to accreditation). And some (not many) still ignore the ICF.
At this stage, let's summarise your choices:
a) Forget about accreditation until you have 1,000 hours of paid coaching under your belt (by which time you may not care if you're accredited or not.)
b) Pick a school whose training inspires you and get their accreditation
c) Go the other way around, and set your heart on the ICF accreditation, and pick a school accredited by the ICF - and whose training inspires you - to end up with a school accreditation and ICF accreditation.

Life Coach Certification

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